Additional Mathematics - Circular Measure ( SPM Project Work )

Additional Mathematics project work for SPM 2014 ( PERLIS ) - OPTION 2Full description...
Author:  Mukhriz Zubaidi

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please comment!!!!!!!!! MRSM + SBP Facebook - description

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bagi mereka yang melakukan project add math bagi tingkatan 5 ..sebagai panduan untuk mereka yang menghadapi projek ni..Semoga Berjaya!

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will upload Additional Mathematics Project Work 2014 Sabah state (answers) sooner or later.

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Huhu, finally uploaded my revision. Inside there just got a little bit of changes from last revision. I create it by my own. And It may just become reference for you all. email or fb-ing me …Full description

This is the correct version of the project work 2 of 2011. Please refrain from downloading and copying as is...Full description

THIS SHEET IS OF ALL THE FORMULAS YOU WILL NEED FOR THE IGCSE ADDITIONAL MATH EXAMINATION. It includes all the formulas you need to memorize for great results and also the ones which will be availa...