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Indigenous Material; Non-conventional materials; Recyclable Material & other alternative building materials...
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Today, transfer of waste material is an incredible issue and it gets to be hard to discover common assets because of their extreme abuse. Utilization of waste materials as development materials has various advantages, for example, diminishment in cos

When we talk about the advantages of PVC plastic sheet materials or any other material of it, then there is an enormous number of advantages of using it. The first and foremost reason is that it diminishes the gas eruptions of the greenhouse, thus, i

Buildings are designed for the sole purpose of maintaining conducive living standards for the occupants. Electrical energy consumption varies significantly during the day and night according to the demand by the industrial, commercial and residential

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The High-Pressure Laminates are used for surfacing purposes. This is the surfacing material that gives luxurious, classy and unique appeal to commercial or residential space. You can find these laminates in different shades, styles, textures to suit