George Ivanovich Gurdjieff (1869-1949) Guia y fundador del Cuarto Camino...
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Almost everyone who met Gurdjieff was struck by his powerful personality and commanding presence. His physical attributes, personal magnetism and immense knowledge together created an impression ...

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auto superación desarrollo personal 4° camino

auto superación desarrollo personal 4° camino

Esercizi di GurdjieffDescripción completa

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Was Gurdjieff a Christian? The orientation of the teaching—is it Christian? Entering the new millennium, some fifty years after Mr. Gurdjieff’s passing, it is important to begin to understan…Full description

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collected by Amar Shamo - dedicated to all Gurdjieffians

Primavera 1931, il ciclone Gurdjeff ha appena distrutto le certezze dei suoi gruppi americani. Orage raccoglie magistralmente i cocci in una serie di incontri con i gruppi newyorkesi: "(…) Una v...

Esercizi di GurdjieffFull description