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workbook for TKT

workbook for TKT

Descripción: TKT

A past examination paper for TKT with keys

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Descripción: worbook

Participants explore the different aspects of phonology which may be tested in TKT Module 1 Part 1. As well as covering phonetic symbols, they will become more familiar with features of pronunciati...

Participants explore the correction of both spoken and written mistakes. They discuss their own attitudes to correction and identify and consider the appropriacy of a range of different corr…Full description

Manual Teaching Knodwlege Course.Full description

"Participants will discover what is covered by the TKT Module 1 Part 1 syllabus area relating concepts and terminology for describing language: grammar. They will look at parts of speech and the un...

The updated version of the TKT Handbook for teachers, containing modules 1 to 3.

Manual Teaching Knodwlege Course.

This activity discusses different types of feedback used in the classroom. Giving feedback is tested in TKT Module 3 Part 2.Full description

Manual Teaching Knodwlege Course.Descripción completa

Exploring different interaction patterns and ways of grouping learners. Discussing the advantages and disadvantages of a range of groupings, and how these can be used in the classroom. This …Full description